Friday, October 5, 2012

Prospect Beats Schaumburg

In a tightly fought match, Prospect beat Schaumburg 37-31, losing on 1st and 2nd Board, but coming through on the lower boards.

A key issue in two of the games was king safety.  On 2nd Board, Prospect's Ekrem Genc made the risky decision to try to open up the game by advancing the pawns in front of his own king, whereupon he found himself subject to withering attack by Thomas Plaxco's rooks.  On 4th Board, Schaumburg's Elliot Krueger made a similarly risky choice to castle on the queen side where his pawn protection was already compromised and he suffered a similar fate at the hands of
Mike Murakado.

On 3rd Board, Schaumburg's Seijji Hamada thought he saw a chance to win a pawn by temporarily sacrificing a bishop.  Unfortunately, he overlooked Mark Graff's check which prevented him from playing the tactic that would get him his bishop back.

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